Previous winners of the CDIO Academy

2014 - 10th International CDIO Conference at Barcelona, Spain

Winner of the CDIO 2014 ACADEMY CUP

CDIO 2014 Academy award Advanced Project Category.

1st award - Driving simulator for a sustainable future, Chalmers University of Technology

2nd award - Urinary Incontinence Test Bed, University of Liverpool

CDIO 2014 Academy award - Basic project category.

1st award - Environmental Awareness for high risk Professionals, Aston University

2nd award - Monitoring hydration levels and general health deterioration in the elderly, Aston University


2013 - 9th international CDIO conference at Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Winner of the CDIO 2013 ACADEMY CUP

1st award: Low-Cost DIY Water-Filtering System for Farmers, Duy Tan University


2012 - 8th International CDIO Conference, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia 

Winner of the CDIO 2012 ACADEMY CUP

1st award: The effect of mirroring in VE on children with disabilities; Kasper Kristensen, Jacob Nghia Trung Lam, Raimund Erken,  Professor Eva Petersson (now Professor Eva Brooks) Supervisor, Line Gad Christiansen, Nanna Borum (not in the photo).

CDIO Academy 2012 Aalborg had two entrants:

The effect of mirroring in VE on children with disabilities; Line Gad Christiansen, Nanna Borum, Kasper Kristensen, Raimund Erken, Jacob Nghia Trung Lam

Thermal Battery: A concept enabling 100% renewable energy systems; Carolina Carmo, Jakob Holmer Sehested, Kristine Husballe Munk



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