CDIO Academy 2016

CDIO Academy 2016

The main theme for the CDIO Academy Innovation Competition 2016 is sustainability, shipbuilding and future needs of cruise ship passenger. MeyerTurku, one of the leading European shipbuilding companies, challenge students to discover, define and develop the next breakthrough innovation for cruise ship business: “What could make a person to take a cruise in 2025, be happy about it, and to become a frequent cruiser?” The solutions itself might be related to different service concepts, digitalization, resource efficiency, robotics or the Internet of Things and means of gamification. The best teams were rewarded in the CDIO Academy Awards & closing session on Wednesday.

Competition Format

The CDIO Academy Innovation Competition is composed of three interconnected phases: 1. Preparation, 2. CDIO Academy Innovation Camp, and 3. Pitching Event and Project Exhibition.

PHASE 1: Preparation & pre-assignments

Preparation period will start 30th of April 2016 when instructions to pre-assignments will be published in CDIO conference webpages. Pre-assignments include individual and group tasks. The aim of pre-assignments is to provide introduction to pre-selected topics and prepare participating students to CDIO Academy Innovation Competition held in context of CDIO conference in June 2016.

PHASE 2: CDIO Academy Innovation Camp 13.6.-15.6.2016

CDIO Academy innovation competition will be organized as a camp, where student teams develop solution to the given problem or need. Camp is a great way for the students to get hands on design-implement experience while developing a solution with like- minded peers over a three days camp. The students will be mentored by a variety of experts from different fields during the process. Development process will highlight user centered development tools and methods.

PHASE 3: Pitching Event & Project Exhibition 15.6.2016

CDIO Academy will culminate in Pitching Event and Project Exhibition. Student teams will give a pitch of their project and demonstrate the outcome in project exhibition. Outcomes of the projects will be evaluated by the Jury.

The CDIO Academy Innovation Competition is held each year at the international CDIO conference. It is a student conference within the larger conference with design experiences and a project exhibit. This year the Academy students heard the topic of the challenge from the ambassador of MeyerTurku.

The teams, which consist of 4–5 students, develop solutions for a given challenge. This time:

Winning teams

Academy competition prize

Group Shipbots

Best university prize

University of Calgary

More information

Meet the winning team (video - Twitter)

The winning team is announced (video - Twitter)

The Academy students were also writing blogs, where you can follow their work on the cruise ship 2025 challenge!


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