Because CDIO is an open-architecture project, the worldwide CDIO collaborators enthusiastically welcome others to join us. The materials we generate are freely available to all who wish to use them to improve engineering education.

The governing body of the worldwide CDIO Initiative is the CDIO Council. Regional Co-Leaders coordinate activities in geographic proximity and new participants become Regional Members.

The most important challenge for schools that wish to participate is to dedicate themselves to meet the CDIO Standards.

Your institution can join CDIO in a few simple steps:

  1. Formally request to become a CDIO member by emailing the CDIO Office at info [at] cdio [dot] org and we’ll send your designated institutional representative a list of questions (the "CDIO application").
  2. Answer the list of "questions asked of potential collaborators" and email it to the CDIO Office at info [at] cdio [dot] org. Your answers will be forwarded to the CDIO Council for their review.
  3. Attend a CDIO Council or Regional meeting and make a presentation about your school. The school will also be invited to an implementation workshop.
  4. The CDIO council will review your responses to the list of questions and make a recommendation to the appropriate CDIO Region about whether or not to invite your institution as a new CDIO Member.
  5. Once the CDIO regional co-leaders have voted, you will be contacted with their decision.

When your institution becomes an official CDIO Regional Member, you’ll have access to many advantages. These include international and regional meetings, access to other regional members, and more. Other issues related to joining the Initiative are discussed in the Frequently Asked Questions.

To learn more about how schools are integrated into the worldwide CDIO Initiative, read the CDIO Collaborator and Meeting Policy.

Questions asked of potential collaborators:

  • Why does your institution wish to join the CDIO Initiative?
  • To which of your programs do you plan to initially apply CDIO?
  • How do you expect CDIO to impact these programs? 
  • What goals do you hope to achieve?
  • As a CDIO Regional Collaborator, what would be your plan for participating in, and contributing to, the worldwide CDIO Initiative?
  • Do you envision helping to involve other institutions (universities) and locally developing the Initiative do you envision? If so, how might you do this?
  • What experience do you have in engineering educational reform at your institution that could contribute to our effort and form a foundation for your work as a collaborator?
  • What level of commitment and support do you have from your institution’s Dean and Central Leadership? (Attach supporting letters, if applicable.)
  • Who will be the key two to five participants in your effort? (Attach short CVs as appropriate.)

If you’re interested in joining the worldwide CDIO Initiative as our newest CDIO Member, or for specific inquiries regarding the worldwide CDIO Initiative, please send an e-mail to info [at] cdio [dot] org.

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