CDIO International Meeting 2020, on-line

Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 10:00 to Friday, November 13, 2020 - 12:00

The event will be on-line, hosted by av Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, Monash University & Ecole Polytechnique Montreal.

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Technology requirement: The latest version of Zoom, MS Teams 

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Programme, details below

Small group conversations and working sessions where you will elaborate, write, plan and implement some of the following subjects:

  • Moving ahead with CDIO 2030: Vision and Strategies
  • Covid-19 response
  • CDIO Standards and Syllabus
  • CDIO Technician Network & Student Learning Resources
  • Collaboration in Innovating Teaching and Learning
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • CDIO Council meeting

Contact name & e-mail addresses

Reidar Lyng,

Nicoleta Maynard,

Daniel Spooner,


CDIO International Meeting 2020

Topic 1: Innovation in Teaching & Learning

Lead: Helene Leong/Sin Moh Cheah (Aus/Asia), Jens Bennedsen (Europe/Africa), Ron Hugo/Daniel Spooner (N/S America)

At the 2019 CDIO International Fall Working Meeting held at Singapore Polytechnic, a working group was established to explore ways to improve student learning experiences and engagement through collaboration among members of the CDIO. The long-term goal of the working group is to bring together a network of faculty to make regular quality contributions and exchanges on Innovative teaching and learning practices internationally and regionally; and to facilitate staff exchange and mentoring to foster innovative teaching and learning amongst the institutions.

The working group explored various options to facilitate the sharing of innovative Teaching and Learning practices. These included:

  • Design and Development Guides for Innovative Teaching and Learning Practices
  • Faculty Exchange Sharing and Collaboration Protocol
  • Microsite of opportunities for collaboration on Innovating T&L and faculty exchange
  • Innovating T&L roundtables or workshops at International CDIO Meetings

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic had imposed unprecedented challenges in modern education, with institutions around the world forced to come up with ways to sustain the education process despite prolonged campus closure. Innovations in teaching and learning henceforth take centre stage in providing continuity in keeping the education moving forward. 

Of particular interest is the disruption to hands-on learning experiences crucial to the development of professional competency in engineers. This session seeks to explore the ways of sharing innovative ways to engage students in their learning, particularly the conduct of e-experiment, along with opportunities to develop skills in virtual collaboration among students, as well as ways to conduct reliable e-assessments of such learnings.

Topic 2: Lessons Learnt from COVID-19 and Faculty Development

Lead: Nicoleta Maynard/Rajnish Gupta (Aus/Asia), Reidar Lyng/Juha Kontio (Europe/Africa), Daniel Spooner/Ron Hugo (N/S America) 

This session aims to give the participants the opportunity to share the experiences of online learning and teaching during COVID-19, discuss the impact of on the future educational model and faculty development and support; and explore ways to share best practices. 

Day 1: The aim of this session is to discuss: 

  • How did the rapid transition to online learning affect teaching and learning in our engineering faculty/school? 
  • What pedagogical approaches and activities most effectively enabled student learning, collaboration and engagement within an online environment?
  • What technologies most successfully enabled effective online teaching and learning?
  • What factors (support, training etc.) most successfully enabled staff to provide effective learning environments for their students?

Day 2:  The working group aims to explore effective ways to share best practices and support associated with creating effective learning environments, under the new educational model. 

Topic 3: Connecting Technicians, their Facilities, and Procedures

Lead: Lee Chee Whye (Aus/Asia), Matt Murphy (Europe/Africa), Daniel Spooner/Ron Hugo (N/S America)

These sessions will focus on establishing the CDIO Technicians Network to acknowledge the work technicians do and to enable technical staff as effective educators.

Day 1: The aim of this session is to:

  • Discuss and explore the concept of the CDIO Technician Network: its nature, its purpose and its aims;
  • Review the preparatory contributions and consider the work required to establish and sustain the core activities of the Network:
    - database of practical expertise and technical resources
    - directory of student learning experiences
    - a series of practical engineering guide books for students
  • Discuss other possible areas of activity for the Network (eg supporting technician exchange and training);
  • Explore the barriers to participation in the Network & recommend solutions;
  • Formulate a mission statement and a 3-year strategic and operational plan for the Network

Day 2: Following the discussion on day 1, a state-of-the-art report will be outlined and drafted.


Event times:

Aus/Asia Session

Day 1: 16:00-19:00 (AEDT) on Thursday 12 November
Day 2: 17:00-19:00 (AEDT) on Friday 13 November

Europe/Africa Session

Day 1: 10:00-13:00 (CET) on Thursday 12 November
Day 2: 10:00-12:00 (CET) on Friday 13 November

S/N America Session

Day 1:  7:30-10:30 (MST) on Thursday 12 November
Day 2: 12:00-14:00 (MST) on Friday 13 November

On-line conference
International conference: 
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