The 12th Annual International Conference in Turku is coming up

It was in the fall meeting 2013 in Malaysia when Turku was selected as the host to the CDIO 2016 conference. At first the conference seemed to be far away with plenty of time to prepare, but the closer the actual conference came, the more the pace has increased. However, I am a very lucky person since from the beginning I have had a wonderful group of people working for the conference. We are ready for the show! I want to use this opportunity and thank you all for the work that you have done for the conference without calculating the hours! Thank you for your contribution to making CDIO 2016 a successful event!

The time has now come and we can proudly start the conference! We have an interesting program filled with keynotes, presentations, poster sessions, workshops and CDIO academy activities. The conference activities are provided to you by almost 300 delegates representing all CDIO regions, with Europe dominating this time of course. During the conference, we are testing some new session formats too and we hope to have your feedback on those but in general as well. The social activities added in the program are there to finalize your conference experience.

The conference is a landmark landmark in our 10 years’ journey with the CDIO approach, too. It was at the Engineering Education conference in Liverpool where I heard about CDIO the  first time. Since that meeting in 2006, we have worked with the CDIO approach to continuously improve our education and a lot of developments have happened during that period. Therefore I am very happy that you all are here to join us in our 10th anniversary with CDIO!

On behalf of the organizing committee, I warmly welcome you all to the 12th international CDIO conference! Let’s have a wonderful week with the old and new friends and colleagues!
Juha Kontio
Conference Chair & Dean, Faculty of Business, ICT and Chemical Engineering
Turku University of Applied Sciences


The CDIO™ Initiative is an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of engineers. The framework provides students with an education stressing engineering fundamentals set in the context of Conceiving – Designing – Implementing – Operating (CDIO) real-world systems and products. Throughout the world, CDIO Initiative collaborators have adopted CDIO as the framework of their curricular planning and outcome-based assessment.

The CDIO Annual International Conference is the largest meeting of the year and includes presentation of papers and other special seminars, workshops, events and activities.

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All you need to know about 12th Annual International CDIO Conference is wrapped in this fine booklet.

Posted by: Jenny Netzler, CDIO Office on behalf of the 12th International CDIO Conference Organizing Committee


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