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Registration open for entering students to the CDIO Academy 2023!


There are still some places available for entering students to the CDIO Academy 2023! 


The CDIO Academy will start with preparatory activities just after the easter holidays. There are still some places available if you wish to enter students for the CDIO Academy 2023. We have decided to extend the acceptation deadline until the March 15. We will still communicate acceptance to the CDIO Academy at the end of March 15, as noted on the conference website. 


More about CDIO Academy 2023 in Trondheim

CDIO welcomes a new school - Universidad Fidélitas, region Latin America


CDIO council has accepted a new school in region Latin America as member of the worldwide CDIO collaborative: 

Universidad Fidélitas - "Based on our STEM methodology, we encourage our students to develop active thinking and creativity, learning by doing, innovative development, and teamwork, so that our graduates are able to face challenges and accelerated technological changes."

Registration open: 19th International CDIO Conference 2023

CDIO welcomes two new schools, region Asia


CDIO council has accepted two new schools in region Asia as members of the worldwide CDIO collaborative. 

​Invitation to the CDIO Academy in Trondheim, Norway, 26–29 June, 2023

The CDIO Academy at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, invites you to participate in a student-led, team-based, case-based, cross-disciplinary innovation challenge with the theme “Student-active learning through wicked problems”. Together with students from around the world you are invited to participate in an innovation challenge focusing on specific engineering problems of importance for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Follow the lectures via zoom: The PRAMECO Project - Learning-centred Development of Safe and Cost-efficient Virtual Laboratories


Welcome to register for the CDIO Seminar: The PRAMECO Project - Learning-centred Development of Safe and Cost-efficient Virtual Laboratories

27 September 2022, 09:30 - 16:00

This seminar presents results from the PRAMECO project, an Erasmus+ funded project carried out in collaboration between HAW Hamburg, Turku UAS, Chalmers, and Taltech.

Call for Papers to the 19th CDIO International Conference

CDIO Syllabus 3.0 published


In June 2022, the CDIO Council adopted the latest version of the CDIO Syllabus, v 3.0.

This latest version deepens and expands the coverage of sustainability, digitalization and acceleration in the Syllabus. It also draws up experiences from the application of the CDIO Syllabus at CDIO member universities.

You can read more about the evolution of the CDIO Syllabus and access the CDIO Syllabus v 3.0 at:


NEW: Videos on the CDIO standards and syllabus


Under Knowledge you will find links to the newly produced bite-sized videos on CDIO Standards and Syllabus.

Link to the videos


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