CDIO welcomes Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology

CDIO council has accepted

Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology - region Europe

as new member of the worldwide CDIO collaborative. 

As a CDIO Regional Collaborator, what would be your plan for participating in/with the International CDIO Initiative?
We wish to actively participate in international CDIO Initiative events and we also have the wish and the capacity to host them within our campuses. Being a founding member for the Aliance of the future, we have the will to bring our expertise on the skills of the engineer of the industry of the future.

What goals do you hope to achieve?

  • finalize the syllabus of engineering training using the CDIO repository and its appropriation by the teaching staff
  • transform our pedagogical and evaluation methods in a skills approach
  • participate in international reflections on the learning process
  • increase the reputation of our institution on the educational aspect
  • realize and implement a complete process of continuous improvement


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