CDIO welcomes a new school, region Europe!

CDIO council has accepted Wageningen University & Research as a new member of the worldwide CDIO collaborative.

What are the goals you hope to achieve by becoming a memeber school?

Our vision on education states that "We educate students to become academic professionals, who can contribute to sustainable solutions for existing and future complex issues in the domain of ‘healthy food and living environment’ all over the world, and who take their social, personal and ethical responsibilities seriously"

In order to realise this ambition, all our education, graduate and postgraduate, should offer:

  • high-quality scientific knowledge (content);
  • rich learning environments (organisation of learning processes); and
  • flexible and personalised learning paths (flexibility and facilitating learning).

We want to be inspired by recent ideas and examples on all these topics. The CDIO network is offering that inspiration and can particularly help strengthening the engineering and design based part of our education. Participation in CDIO events and site visits to other CDIO members also contribute to the goal of further professionalization and inspiration of our teaching staff.

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