CDIO welcomes two new schools, region ASIA

CDIO council has accepted

Dong Nai Technology University (Vietnam) and
Institute of Engineering and Technology (Mongolia)

as new members of the worldwide CDIO collaborative. 

What goals do you hope to achieve?

Dong Nai Technology University (Vietnam)

To build CDIO based curriculums including: Building Learning outcomes based on four-level CDIO syllabus and recorgnized by stakeholders; Designing curriculum integrated disciplinary courses, personal and interpersonal skills, and product, process, and system building skills, Developing course syllabuses consistent to expected learning outcomes.
To develop Design – Implement experiences at a basic and advanced level in the curriculum.
To apply active integrated experimental learning methods which may change the current ones.
To apply the assessment methods of student performance under learning outcomes.

Institute of Engineering and Technology (Mongolia)
Membership in CDIO will allow us to exchange best practices with leading engineering education institutions across the world and strengthen our ties with international counterparts.
It shall also stimulate comprehensive curriculum reform and strengthen internal quality assurance mechanisms.
This shall immeasurably advance our goal of developing a curriculum capable of producing internationally recognized Mongolian engineers. This encompasses creative and innovative engineers with a global outlook and the capacity to compete in an ever-shifting labor market.



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