Five new members from Asia!

It is our pleasure to inform you that the International CDIO Council has accepted 5 new members!

Australian College of Kuwait

One of the goals for joining the CDIO initiative is: "To be the first CDIO Initiative member in Kuwait and the Gulf Region and encourage future collaboration with other educational institutions in the region."


NIT Nagano, National Institute of Technology Nagano College

"We believe we can make our curriculum less dry and more attractive with the elements of CDIO to enrol students from junior high schools. This will surely make our students motivated and confident and lead to high-quality learning outcomes in the end."


NIT Nagaoka, National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College

"Through combining our learning experiences with our knowledge acquired by an effective engineering education with CDIO members, our goal is to improve our engineering education considered to be absolutely indispensable to regional industries."


NIT Sendai, National Institute of Technology, Sendai College

"We want to educate students who have 1) practical capability to use wide knowledge and technology in the engineering field, 2) creativity to create new values by fusing different fields together, 3) fundamental communication capability that is sufficiently good internationally and 4) as an engineer, attitude to act voluntarily realizing social role and responsibility."


NIT Tsuyama, National Institute of Technology, Tsuyama College

"In order to enable our students to succeed when working in teams in rapidly evolving international and corporate environments, it is necessary to improve the faculty’s ability to teach and, at the same time, evaluate and improve the educational system. We would like to work on those initiatives routinely by engaging with the CDIO community."

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