New schools - Welcome!

It is our pleasure to inform you that the International CDIO Council has accepted 6 new members!


Hokkaido Information University

What goals do you hope to achieve?
Our goals are to improve and deepen the quality of our education, motivate students to develop interests in their chosen study area, augment and further develop our Faculty Development program, institute mutually beneficial partnerships with other members of the CDIO Initiative, consolidate and improve our active learning strategies, and both collaborate with, and help to increase the number of regional CDIO member institutions. 

Vinh University

What goals do you hope to achieve?
By joining the worldwide CDIO Initiative, we hope to achieve the following main goals:
1) To create better educational policies
2) To set up better learning environment
3) To improve and ensure the quality of the education
4) To learn and share CDIO experience
5) To improve the university’s ranking.


University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines, Cagayan de Oro Campus (USTP CDO)

What goals do you hope to achieve?
We expect that the students will become innovative and enthusiastic while learning and discovering their field of study through this CDIO framework. We believe that the kind of pedagogy that will be introduced to them will prepare and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for them to become globally competitive graduates. We want to particularly achieve the following:
1. A launch event to be led by our Master Trainers –faculty & faculty who attended the design thinking training in Singapore to raise awareness of CDIO in our university.
2. Conduct workshop on the five components on the CDIO standards to other faculty members of the university to support the full implementation of this program.
3. Integrate and apply the CDIO standards in the curriculum of the specified engineering programs.

Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan 

What goals do you hope to achieve?

PIS aspires to be one of the TVET institutions that is recognised nationally and internationally. By being a CDIO member institution, it creates more opportunities for students and faculty members to participate in workshops, competitions and conferences at regional and international levels. Gradually, this will strengthen the educational system and product (graduates) of PIS as well as boosts the programs offered which in turn will sustain the Centre of Technology. Consequently, it will improve the employability rate of the graduates.


University Center Toledo Araçatuba - UNITOLEDO

What goals do you hope to achieve?
We seek to join the initiative in 2018 and thus intensify collaboration with other institutions that are already part of the initiative and also assist in the process of joining other institutions.


Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho-UNESP - Faculdade de Engenharia de Guaratinguetá, FEG/UNESP

What goals do you hope to achieve?
Educate global engineers, mature, creative and able to Concieve, Design, Implement and Operate engineering complex systems with high value added in modern environment of collaborative work and always moving toward sustainability vision.



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