Presentations from CDIO seminar - Gender and diversity inclusive engineering education

CDIO seminar - Gender and diversity inclusive engineering education, October 10 at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg Sweden

The seminar aimed to discuss gender and diversity issues with particular relevance to CDIO education. For example, CDIO programmes feature many team-based projects. Appropriate approaches for managing team dynamics and task selection are critical. If the team is international, gender issues may be even more critical. In addition, many CDIO programmes are male-dominated,  in terms of student numbers as well as the culture in the programmes.
The seminar provided an opportunity to learn insights from some leading experts in the area and to share knowledge and experiences with other CDIO educators. 

- How can we more systematically with these questions? Are there any differences in study culture that we can look into? Chalmers is already on its way, thanks to "Genie" - Gender Initiative for Excellence, which is the Chalmers Foundation's major initiative on gender equality, concluded Prof. Johan Malmqvist, Chalmers, who organised the seminar.

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