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CDIO Syllabus 3.0 published


In June 2022, the CDIO Council adopted the latest version of the CDIO Syllabus, v 3.0.

This latest version deepens and expands the coverage of sustainability, digitalization and acceleration in the Syllabus. It also draws up experiences from the application of the CDIO Syllabus at CDIO member universities.

You can read more about the evolution of the CDIO Syllabus and access the CDIO Syllabus v 3.0 at:


NEW: Videos on the CDIO standards and syllabus


Under Knowledge you will find links to the newly produced bite-sized videos on CDIO Standards and Syllabus.

Link to the videos

CDIO welcomes a new school, region Europe


CDIO council has accepted a new school in region Europe as member of the worldwide CDIO collaborative. 

Azerbaijan Technical University

Why did your university want to join the CDIO Initiative?

CDIO welcomes a new school, region Latin America

Open position : Faculty lecturer (tenure-track) in mechanical design Polytechnique Montréal


To the CDIO Community 

Open position : Faculty lecturer (tenure-track) in mechanical design, Polytechnique Montréal


CDIO Initiative Vision and Mission Statements


The CDIO community has made a concerted effort to rephrase the vision and mission statements for the CDIO Initiative in line with today's ambitions and strategy. At the June 2021 meeting they have been adopted by the CDIO Council as follows:


Vision statement

“To be the leading worldwide collaborative network for innovative engineering education to produce responsible engineers who make a difference in the world through innovation and creative workable solutions”


Mission statement

CDIO welcomes three new schools, region Asia


CDIO council has accepted three new schools in region Asia as members of the worldwide CDIO collaborative. 

CDIO welcomes University of Hertfordshire, region UK & Ireland


CDIO council has accepted

University of Hertfordshire - region UK & Ireland

as new member of the worldwide CDIO collaborative. 


What goals do you hope to achieve by becoming a member of the CDIO collaborative?

It is hoped that the CDIO strategy, which is central to our revised degrees, will give rise to the following:

1.  Student motivation and engagement

2.  Improved employability and placement uptake

CDIO welcomes five new schools, Latin America


CDIO council has accepted five new schools in region Latin America as members of the worldwide CDIO collaborative. 

CDIO welcomes Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology


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